Roaring Dragon Hoodie Sport Shirt


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I am dragon hear me roar! This one of a kind shirt features a fire breathing, winged Dragon on the chest and when the arms are folded across the chest the image changes to reveal an open mouthed Dragon breathing fire right at you! With this shirt you can terrorize a village, pillage a castle, and capture the  

  • The Original Mouthman® Animated Graphic Hoodie Shirts that present a giant mouth when you hug yourself!
  • Comes in unique, recyclable packaging!
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking and UPF50+ makes all of our shirts good for  Sun Fun, Sports Fun, Water Fun, Fan Fun! 
  • Dye sublimated- eco-friendly, water-based, chemical-free inks.
  • High quality 100% polyester sport jersey mesh fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Bright, bold graphics!
  • Created and patented by Journey bass player Ross Valory and The Tubes drummer Prairie Prince.
  • Proudly Designed and Made in the USA. (Northern California)